Working together

Wrenegade Sports, formed in late 2013 by former professional cyclist Tyler Wren, operates in the $1.4 billion domestic facility-free athletic event organization industry. The mission of Wrenegade Sports is to whip up perfect combinations of health, social good, community, and fun into unique and awesome events.

To do this, the company promotes physical activity in a fun and supportive environment and creates achievable challenges for people of all ages and experience levels. Farm to Fork Fondo is the first athletic event produced by Wrenegade Sports. In 2018 it brought more than 3,600 novice, experienced, and professional cyclists together in eight event host communities from South Hero, Vermont to Shenandoah, Virginia.

In each community Wrenegade Foundation harnesses the participants’ good will to support social-benefit organizations that have a positive, tangible impact on the people who live there.