Volunteer Task sign up

Use the form on this page to sign your volunteers up for their tasks.

Open this Volunteer Task Descriptions PDF to view the complete list of tasks, start and end times, and descriptions.

If you have any questions about a task described below, please email sarah@wrenegadesports.com or call 802-858-5661.

If it is easier for you to sign your volunteers up by phone, please call 802-858-5661.


Helpful Hint: We recommend that all teams put some volunteers in tasks outside of the Aid Station in order to get the most exposure they can to the cyclists. For example, put four to six volunteers at your aid station, one or two volunteers at check-in or greeting, one or two at the venue flagger position, and the rest at the cheering group at the finish line. This way, your volunteers are seen by all the cyclists, not just the ones that stop at your aid station.

Team Captain Name *
Team Captain Name
List the first and last names of teammates who have signed up for this task.
Once you have signed up at least five people to be at your aid station, you may want to station people in other jobs around the Fondo. This is optional.
Example: Sarah Mutrux - Small Jim Beebe-Woodard - Medium Hayes Gilman - Large All sizes are adult sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XX Large, XXX Large