T-Shirt and Lunch Orders

T-Shirts: please use the form below to oder the number and sizes of the t-shirts your team needs.

Lunch: it is our priority to spend the money we raise on the organizations that we benefit and purchasing perishable food for volunteer lunches has resulted in much wasted food and wasted money. We will provide nonperishable snacks for volunteers throughout the day at the aid stations and venues, and will help your organization offset the cost of bringing lunch for your team if you request it with $5 per team member (up to $50). If you have questions about lunches, please call 802-858-5661.

Accommodations: if someone on your team requires accommodations to participate, please let us know below.


Team Captain Name *
Team Captain Name
Volunteers at events can enjoy CLIF bars, fresh fruit, Vermont Smoke and Cure meat sticks, and gluten free, allergy friendly, vegan trail mix, along with samples of the gourmet bites featured at aid stations. However, Wrenegade Foundation is no longer providing perishable foods for lunches in an effort to reduce the amount of food wasted at events and get the maximum amount of money to our beneficiaries. Team captains are encouraged to bring food for their team that will be taken home and used if it is not eaten at the event, and we will provide $5 per person up to $50 to offset the cost of that food purchase. Your organization will need to submit a receipt for your food purchase after the event. *
If you have questions about this, please reach out to Sarah Mutrux, Executive Director, at 802-858-5661.
Accommodations might include areas accessible with mobility aids like wheelchairs or scooters, a chair available at the work station, assistance hearing or reading, or jobs that don't require manual dexterity, like operating a tablet or affixing clasps on bracelets.